Worldschooling and edutourism

Worldschooling means learning from and within the world. It values real life, the different experiences that are challenging our views, broadens our perspective and enriches us as people. It is an education that values experience above all.

How do children learn best? Is the self-directed, non-intrusive, self-propelled and free learning process a feasible way to realize and understand the complexity of the world? How does this process of modern advanced technology affect us?

What is meant by the concept of unschooling? Is educating possible without schools? Is school a place for substantial learning? Can normal growth and development of humans happen out of the space that needs curricula and evaluation?

Is the journey a convenient method of discovery and exploration of our world? What role does the contact with nature have throughout the learning process?

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Edutourism may be defined as the act of being a tourist and actually learning something about skill or activity found locally in your destination instead of walking around completely oblivious to the culture that surrounds you.

To engage in an educational activity or program while travelling abroad. Programs can last anywhere between one to four weeks and consist of a crash course that covers in-depth knowledge, insider trade secrets and hands-on learning.

Worldschooling is learning from the world, we are all in the world, just some of us see more of it than others. Eli Gerzon claims the term worldschooling as his invention. He says

“It’s when the whole world is your school, instead of school being your whole world.”