Simpleversity Laconia 2015

Mpozas1Biomonia organizes the first «Simpleversity»(Aplepistimiο)  in Laconia this summer and invites you to a fortnight 4 to 14 Ιουλίου during which we will deal with theoretical and practical natural resources, physical life, natural diet, permaculture, our very own natural self on a beautiful beach of the Laconic Gulf.

During all days we’ll do experiential workshops on naatural – alkaline diet and permaculture with a theoretical approach and work in a traditional backyard veggie garden.

Very briefly we would like to exchange  our good practices on issues such as yoga, natural farming, energy, herbs, constructions and literary texts-readings of excerpts on the relationship between humans and other creatures (plants and animals). Select  a book and bring it with you to read. You can go out and off topic if you want to read us something your favorite or that you consider important and possible. Any kind of musical instrument is welcome.

We expect the manifestation of your participation and your desire to share your knowledge or a skill belonging to the circle of good practices.

The freedom of everyone to do anything at any time they wishe is given, the program will be collectively formed, the priority is indicative importance of life, swimming, the care of our physical self.

The camping site is open, for setting up tents and there is water supply,  a toilet (in a nearby cafe) and will set up a makeshift kitchen and a solar oven. Also local bike lending  club PODILATOPAREA will offer a number of bicycles for participating rides.

Children are welcome at the risk of their escorts

Entries in

Note: Participants can come for a holiday and for «unofficial aplepistimio» as many days as they wish until the end of summer and after Aplepistimio. Participation is free

What is Aplepistimio («Simpleversity»)

The Aplepistimio began two years ago at the initiative of the writer John Makridakis Volissos of Chios and «studied» in this approximately 200 people. Its aim is the participants in it, through discussions and experiential actions to come into direct contact with the naturall status and their position among other natural creatures and their role with respect to natural resources.

The Aplepistimio during the two years of its life has traveled to many parts of Greece showing the philosophy of society and promoting the change of course, that our entry into postconsumerist-post-capitalist era, which will dominate respect to real wealth, ie each form of life and natural resources are goods of common ownership of all the ecosystem of creatures and not commodities to be exploited and privatized.

The «tools» that Aplepistimio suggests always «consumer» who has felt the stalemate, and ultimately self-destruction hubris consumer of everyday living and feel ready to change «track» is the natural life, the natural diet and Natural farming. Methods and attitude that are the philosophy and the «teaching» of Aplepistimiou, the «students» whose aim to annually progress «in the lower» until they reach the root, recognize and begin to live the strengthening.


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